Book Review- Together Tea

by Sonal Kulshrestha

Coming from India, we all know all about bonding over tea. Of course, the word ‘tea’ and ‘together’ go hand in hand, even though not in that order. So it’s the title that intrigued me while shopping at Costco. My love for ‘chai’ time compelled me into buying the book for my in-flight entertainment during the upcoming India trip. I’m glad I picked it.



'Girls Of Riyadh', by Rajaah Alsanea, is a fictional story of four friends from Riyadh in the popular format of the 'Sex In The City' story line, except that it is set in a land that is far from providing the open freedom that the women in Manhattan enjoy and perhaps take for granted- and that is what makes the novel intriguing and fascinating at the same time.


Around India In 80 Trains

(A book by Monisha Rajesh)
(Review by Sonal Kulshrestha)

Did you know that Chandigarh has the distinct status of being India’s first planned city and also it’s cleanest? That post-partition Nehru had commissioned its development to reflect new India?

Did you know that Shimla was built by the British Raj as its official summer capital- a Little England to ‘escape’ India?


Fitness endeavors of Dr Rupal Mohan

Dr Rupal Mohan, who runs her own clinic, providing Urgent and Family Care in Phoenix, Arizona, started participating in... Half- marathons not too long ago. In Jan of 2011, she first did a half-marathon primarily to keep the high cholesterol under control. Having a family history of high cholestrol, she always followed a strict control of her diet, but was still taken by surprise when a routine examination showed more than marginally high levels. After walking the first half-marathon, there was no turning back for her. She went on to do about six more that year.