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Badrinath Ki Dulhania | Best Of Des

Badrinath Ki Dulhania

Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya

Released on 10th March, 2017

Badrinath Ki Dulhania stars Varun Dhawan & Alia Bhatt

Written & Directed by Shashank Khaitan
Produced by Hiroo Yash Johar, Karan Johar & Apoorva Mehta

Distributed by Fox Star Studios

This Holi, witness India's first love franchise film. Starring Varun Dhawan as Badrinath Bansal & Alia Bhatt as Vaidehi Trivedi, the film is more than just your boy meets girl love story. It's the coming together of raw & refined with a touch of desi-pan and a hatke definition of pyaar! Join them in the journey of love, laughter, and lunacy called Badrinath Ki Dulhania.

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he film is second in the series of romantic comedy by Karan Johar for Dharma Productions, the first one being Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (2014) which was also directed by Shashank Khaitan.


The Cast:

Undoubtedly Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhat take their natural chemistry, physical compatibility, high level talent and the genuineness and sheer sweetness associated with young romance (versus one between 47+ and 27+) to bring full on entertainment to the movie goers. Sahil Vaid as a friend, Yash Sinha as an elder brother, Shweta Basu Prasad as a daughter-in-law, Aakanksha Singh as a sister, Rituraj Singh as a father, Aparshakti Khurana as a prospective groom, Gaurav Pandey as a Sikh friend, and others did their part in making the movie a complete package.

The Location/ Set:

Singapore locations are breathtaking, but that is hardly surprising. The surprising aspect is the fact that Hindi movies have not showcased Singapore sooner- especially considering that it is practically next door. If you haven't been to Singapore, the second half of the film certainly invites you to visit. That said, Jhansi, in the first half, or for that matter, Kota too, doesn't look half as bad. The Ghatotkach Circle, Kishore Sagar Lake and Seven Wonders Park in Kota, Rajasthan look beautiful. The bird's eye views of Jhansi look captivating. But you wonder if the rest is the result of Dharma-style-production. We would love to hear from those who are from Jhansi and Kota regarding that.

The Music/ Song:

Amaal Mallik, Tanishk Bagchi and Akhil Sachdeva come through with regards to music composition. There is the melodious "Roke Na Ruke Naina" by Arijit Singh and "Humsafar" by Akhil Sachdeva, for the romantic at heart, mixed with the remix, "Tamma Tamma Again" by Bappi Lahiri, Anuradha Paudwal, and Badshah- with all the ingredients of the new generation music.


The pace gets a little slow at times, and the movie seems a little stretchy at times too, lucky for us that the entertainment factor is maintained though. Also, you do seem the larger-than-life extravaganza play out at times too- but then guess you almost expect it in a Dharma production by now. 


The decision to watch this movie is already based on the acting prowess of Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt and the chemistry that they bring to the silver screen. There you hardly expect to be disappointed, so you reckon, despite the kinky-sounding name, it should be a light comedy, an out and out a family flick and hopefully as far away from being boring as possibly could be. You would be right on all counts- the lead pair have looked good, acted well, aligned beautifully- providing some good laughs all through for the whole family. But wait, surprisingly there is more to the film than all that- there is a message and a powerfully delivered, yet subtly depicted one! The message is one you easily notice even in the most affluent families in India- in multiple ways- especially when you visit India from USA or other western countries. You note how women serve food/ chai to their menfolks and to the guests, how men call out to them with a casual, "arey enko aur khilao" (do feed them more), how daughters invariably and most naturally follow their mothers into the kitchen while sons join their dads on the couch with the guests, and multitude of similar scenarios pop out at you during your visits to India. These seemingly natural part of our heritage is addressed surprisingly well in the film- in a strangely understated yet loud and clear manner. My kids who are born and raised in America, point out all the scenes from the film that reinforce what they see in India. I am surprised that they had questions on another aspect- Badrinath's job. They didn't expect his career to be real, associating his job to that of a Mafia's henchman. I get a chance to tell them the story of my neighbors in Delhi who owned a vinyl business (called raxine? in India) and another neighbor who worked as the collector of the payment dues for the owner. Don't intend to recount the story here, but the point is we had some good family discussions- about memories and India.

Definitely watch this film- its a must see family flick!


Did I mention my kids loved the movie? I think I did. I also mentioned how intricately they related the scenes in the movie to what they observe during our India trip. What I didn't mention is something they noticed about the film that differs from other Hindi movies that they often watch along with us. Here, my 14 year old, eagerly pens down what he thought was very different, and texts it to me, "Mom, write this down in your review", he tells me. So here goes-

Rohun's Review-

Something about the movie BKD that makes it unlike any other Bollywood movies, is a specific scene in the movie. In this particular scene, when Badri is surrounded by gang members, instead of adding an unrealistic action packed scene, like most Bollywood films are know for, they have him pinned down so that he is not able to attack or even defend himself. Even though he is clearly strong, and considering that it is a Bollywood film, they could have easily had a scene where he kicks all of them and escapes in an almost impossible like way. Instead they choose to keep it real and had his friends help him out. He feels violated at being inappropriately touched and is visibly shaken. Kudos for that scene!